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Adding a sidebar on index page in MyBB

MyBB being versatile and open source brings lots of possibility in terms of designing. sidebar is one of the best ways to showcase extra information on screen to users without increasing the page size. Adding a sidebar on index page in MyBB is very easy, I will show you step by step how you can create a sidebar on your forums with board stats and who’s online.

It is simple and easy and contains two parts i.e. HTML and CSS of the sidebar. Follow the steps below :-

  1. Go to your Admin CP > Templates and Styles > Templates > Your Forum Theme Templates > Index Page Templates > Index
  2. Search for {$forums} and replace it with the below code –
  3. Save the index page template , just now we added HTML of our sidebar, now we will add css to style the sidebar.
  4. Go to Admin CP > Templates and Styles > Themes » Focus – Premium MyBB Theme » Editing global.css > Edit in Advanced Mode
  5. Add the below code at the bottom of global.css
  6. Save the Stylesheet you edited just above and check your forum, you will have something like this. Do remember we are using Focus MyBB Theme in this example, you can use it with any theme.

In case of any queries, post below and I will be happy to help you. Hope it helps you get sidebar on index page in your MyBB forums.