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Adding TinyMCE Editor in MyBB

A good Editor is very important for forum based project because they are based on content creation. Current editor in MyBB is not so seamless and lot of people don’t like that editor which might be because of WYSWYG issues and it doesn’t give modern feeling. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can easily add TinyMCE editor in MyBB which is much better and also looks good on websites.

You can try TinyMCE on their website and it is a very good product. They have a javascript based solution which you can easily add on your forums without download any files on your forums. I will tell you step by step on how you can add TinyMCE Editor in MyBB.

(Updated TinyMCE website link since TinyMCE has moved to a new domain)

There is already a tutorial on TinyMCE in MyBB by darkteller but that is quite old and doesn’t focus on customization on TinyMCE which allows you to change the look, add features on TinyMCE. We will be installing TinyMCE v4 editor in MyBB

Tutorial :-

    1. Download latest release of TinyMCE here and upload the content inside root/jscripts folder in FTP or CPanel.
    2. Go to admin cp > Templates and Styles > Ungrouped Templates > codebuttons
    3. Replace the content of the template with below gist (Make sure you take a backup of existing template before replacing)
    4. Now open NewThread template and replace the content with this code(Make sure you take a backup of existing template before replacing)
    5. Now go to forum settings and Allow html in postsHTML in posts in mybb
    6. Save your forum settings and TinyMCE editor should show in your post just like the above screenshot.

You can modify the editor based on your liking by changing the options in codebuttons template. For reference you can check TinyMCE documentation below :

Hope this tutorial helps you add latest editor of TineMCE in MyBB.

4 thoughts on “Adding TinyMCE Editor in MyBB

  1. Nice tutorial but I couldnt complete it cause for some reason I cant see the codes for step 3 and step 4, maybe the pics were removed?

    1. Yes, you are right, images are removed.
      I will replace them soon.

  2. The code for steps 3 and 4 are missing.

  3. very helpful tutorial, best regards

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