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Alternative Icons for MyBB Forum Theme and Font Awesome icons

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MyBB default icons are very good and optimized but what if you want unique look for your forum ie “Alternative Icons for MyBB Forum Theme and Font Awesome based icons”. You have only one option that is google search. Today i will tell you how to get alternative icons for your MyBB Theme

First and simple option is to go to MyBB mods and search there. You will find lots of forum icons that you can use on your sites for your forum for free. You can find them here.

Icons for MyBB
Icons for MyBB

Second you have option to use fontawesome icons which are designed for twitter bootstrap.  I will tell you how you can use them on your forums, they are very beautiful and you will not need any photoshop knowledge to use them. They can add a powerful interface to your site and can give your forum a different look. The latest set of fontawesome icons contain 369 icons. So how to add these icons to your forum ?

Easiest way to do this is to use the Bootstrap CDN where you need not to do anything, just add a simple line of code.

Go to your Admin CP and your theme template. Open headerinclude template and add following line at top of your headerinclude

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

Save your headerinclude template after adding bootstrapcdn for fontawesome to your site.

Now you can use fontawesome icons anywhere in your website. To use them just go to this page and select which icon you want to use. After you select the icon you need to use in this way

<i class="fa icon-name"></i>
You need to copy the above code and replace it with icon-name. For example you want to use coffee icon than its name is fa-coffee

So above code will be

<i class="fa fa-coffee"></i>
This is how you will be able to use new icons to your site and give your forum a new look.
I hope you like this tutorial and enjoy new icons for your MyBB Forum.