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What is Best MyBB Forum Hosting – BlueHost, Hostgator, Dreamhost

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MyBB is one the best free forum software available and every forum needs the best hosting to ensure they get 100% uptime and do not suffer any damage because of their MyBB forum hosting.

I have seen lots of forums die because of their hosting and that is why starting a forum is easy but managing them requires them to be online for maximum time period. To be on top you need to chose the best MyBB web hosting, this will ensure your forum is online for maximum time period and will give you peace of mind. The host should also be trusted else the company might shut down and you are left with nothing.

I have used lots of webhosting and in my view only three web hosting deserves to be called as best. Their big name is not just for show, they earned big names because they have been there for long time and people have trusted them.¬†Bluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost are the one’s that i suggest you. For me Bluehost has been the best choice because of its superior quality webhosting, though its little costly them hostgator and Dreamhost but it has been the best MyBB Forum Hosting for me.

Some of the key areas where we can compare these MyBB Forum Hosting are :-


Reliability : Bluehost > Hostgator > Dreamhost

Loading Speed : Bluehost = Dreamhost > Hostgator

Feature : Hostgator > Bluehost > Dreamhost

Price : Dreamhost > Bluehost > Hostgator

Technical Support : Bluehost > Dreamhost = Hostgator

In all the cases above Bluehost seems to be best for me

I hope this post helps you selecting the hosting for your forum, tell me which one you like.

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Hope you like this artivle on Best MyBB Forum hosting.