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Changing colors of MyBB theme

mybb theme colors

Hello all, I am back with another tutorial. This one is pretty basic and I feel every forum admin who downloads a theme and want to customize their forum has a basic requirements of changing theme color and this is a must to have a unique look of a forum. First and foremost, your theme should support multiple colors like in MyBB Default theme and Focus Responsive Theme. I will explain changing colors in theme easily using three step procedure.

Requirements :-
1. Your theme should supports multiple colors

Once you have downloaded and installed the theme, it will show in your admin panel like this :-
MyBB theme in admincp

Steps :-
1. Select your theme name there and go to the theme configuration page.
2. At the bottom of the page, it will show different theme color like below :-
MyBB default theme color selector
3. Save your theme and it will show the color that you want. Due to a bug in MyBB (Bug#2137), just saving the color will not work. You also need to reorder the stylesheet. So go to the Theme Panel again, and change the order of the color that you select, for example(See below image), we modify the order of color_yellow.css to 13 and save stylesheet ordering.

MyBB theme stylesheets order


This way you can change the theme color, if you theme supports color change.
I hope MyBB fixes this issue soon and you don’t have to change the order of theme color.

Peter, WallBB

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