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Full Version: Orange Theme Not Displaying MyTabs
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I bought the Orange Theme yesterday. One thing I noticed is that on the desktop version of Google Chrome, MyTabs works just fine. However, when I go to the mobile version, there is only two of my tabs. Also, the logo at the top of the page isn’t the same as the one on my desktop.

I would guess that the tabs not being displayed has to do with the width for mobile? Any help would be appreciated.

See the attachment for the mobile and desktop view. It appears that the mobile website will not show more than 2 tabs.

The website is www.milehighfootball.net

Thank you,

I am pretty sure this requires modification in template of the plugin. The reason why the third tab is missing is because it is designed as a table, which should be coded as a div in the plugin.
The solution for that is to simply convert the tabs in MyTabs plugin to div and it will work on all devices. Let me know if you need help with conversion of table to div.