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Full Version: Header fixed
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Hi there,

Unfortunately I cannot register in my own support forum, although I have to buy the themplate for a fee. I seem to be missing the invitation code, unfortunately.

can you help me heard?


it is fixed that when scrolling down below stays in there. can you heard me heard a code?

Attaching a image won't help you in any ways . What do want us to do please describe. if you are talking about editing those look into theme templates
Home » Template Sets » GoDark Templates » Edit Template: header
I understand you want a sticky header.
Accepted - I will write a tutorial for you this weekend. Smile
I don't want to have a tutorial but a snippet of code so that I can embed it.

A topic has already been created on mybb.com so that I can achieve my goal. Vll. can you give me something for the quick handicrafts.
Tutorial will have snippet of code that you can embed, I am going to share this today after coding and testing on all devices..
Please find the tutorial for adding onscroll sticky header in GoDark MyBB theme