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Full Version: Forum registration page and few other pages are not responsive on mobile
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Registration page is always like this form day one not complaining but it's is 

[Image: DXWLEix.jpg]

Thread are not responsive at all on mobile

[Image: WZLiyLD.jpg]

This is a good example threads on mobile are not properly formatted. 
On my forums theme has it's own set of problems 
Like uid=289 profile looks different then uid=1 
Has same set of things on both profiles 
css code is effecting responsiveness of theme not sure how but it is.
1. I believe this got introduced in 1.8.22 and it is fixed now. I will pack an updated bundle today.
2. The above are nested quotes which align in similar way, the multilevel nested tags default settings is too high, I recommend either 1 or 2. Step to do that ->
Change the "Admin CP > Board Settings > Posting > Maximum Nested Quote Tags" settings to 1 or 2 at max.

Regarding profile that are different, I saw your email and it is caused because the signature sizes are different. If you can share your member profile, I will help you with a fix for that.
Theme updated on WallBB.
Please download it from account and use the member_register template Smile