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Full Version: How to add onscroll sticky header in GoDark MyBB theme
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This tutorial will allow you to add onscroll sticky header in GoDark MyBB theme. Follow these steps to add the onscroll sticky header :-

1. Go to Admin CP > Themes > GoDark Theme > nav.css > Edit in Advanced Mode
2. Add the below code at the bottom of nav.css
.touchX {
  position: fixed;
  width: 100%
  top: 0;

3. Now add the below code in footer template i.e Admin CP > Themes > Templates and Styles > GoDark Templates > Footer Templates > footer
window.onscroll = function() {myFunction()};

var header = document.getElementById("stickynav");
var sticky = header.offsetTop;

function myFunction() {
  if (window.pageYOffset > sticky) {
  } else {

4. Finally go to header template and replace <nav> with
<nav id="stickynav">

This will allow you to add a beautiful onscroll sticky header to GoDark MyBB theme.

Enjoy Smile