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Full Version: How to edit toplinks in MyBB
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This tutorial will teach you how to modify header toplinks in Focus MyBB Theme, infact it should work in other themes as well:-

Follow these steps below to modify header toplinks in Focus Responsive theme :-

  1. Go To Admin CP > Templates And Styles > Templates > Select Focus Theme Templates
  2. Go to Header Templates > header_welcomeblock_guest and header_welcomeblock_member (In other themes, it will be header)
  3. You will find the below code or search for your toplinks title.

       <li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/index.php" class="Home"><span><i class="fa fa-home" aria-hidden="true"></i> Home</span></a></li> 

  4. Copy the above code and edit the link and text to your liking. You can remove links as well if you want.
  5. Make sure you keep a backup of the template, this is quite simple tutorial though.

That's it!

Hope this tutorial helps you modify header toplinks in Focus Responsive theme or Other themes.