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Adding menu to Orange - maritimesbob - 06-16-2019


Just purchased the Orange style, very happy with it now that I have changed a few colours in the css. I changed the header background so that it works for my logo which is left positioned.

It leaves a large white space to the right which I was hoping to add a simple menu in there that shows the links to the main website, looking something like

Link1 - Link2 - Link3 - Link4 - Link5

and this menu needs to be responsive.

If you see the attached screenshot, this is where I was hoping to place it.

Hoping to get some advice, thank you.

RE: Adding menu to Orange - WallBB - 06-20-2019

Very happy to hear this Smile

You can quite easily do this, it will be basically a two column so you will need to modify the header template.
I will write a tutorial for general usage in this section today

RE: Adding menu to Orange - maritimesbob - 06-21-2019

Thanks WallBB

RE: Adding menu to Orange - WallBB - 07-01-2019

Here is the tutorial Smile

Closing this thread, use the tutorial for any update on that.