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Go Dark Welcomeblock / Nav - CaptRedFox - 03-11-2021

Hi there, 

is it possible to put the welcomeblock and nav/header together (if possible as onscroll/sticky header) ? Like https://rvrealm.com/rainbb/ (Deviance) or better https://aeowulf.com/

RE: Go Dark Welcomeblock / Nav - WallBB - 03-12-2021

Hey CaptRedFox,
It is a custom work request for the theme. It is completely possible, the raw javascript flow would be like this
- You will need to make edits by writing a jquery onscroll event (MyBB uses Jquery so a jquery method would be better)
- Adding position sticky and for making a sticky header and once a desired scrolling height is reached.

You can look for Focus Theme for example code (https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=671)

If you want just the top header menu to be sticky, you can use the below css to do that
.nav {
    position: fixed;