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[GoDark] Post Design - mzm - 04-02-2021

I just found that in forum and in love of changing design likes in screenshot(Avatar and Author profile on left).
How possible to change similar to it?

Thank you

[Image: gRNLSd1.png]

RE: [GoDark] Post Design - WallBB - 04-02-2021

Hey mzm,
You can do that using classic postbit, ofcourse to make it similar you will need to do custom edits to your postbit_classic template.
You can change postbit_classic template for your account using

-> YOURFORUM/usercp.php?action=options
Thread View Options > Display posts in classic mode (Select this)

To set it as default , set this option in Admin CP

ACP -> Settings -> Showthread Options. Select classic view

And for existing users, check this tutorial


RE: [GoDark] Post Design - mzm - 04-02-2021

Thank you. I will try.