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[Focus Responsive] How to upload an attachment - amanda_2011 - 01-23-2023

The box for uploading attachments by clicking or dropping files to a new reply seems go be gone in the Focus Responsive Theme. All I am able to do presently is view my attachments. Please give me the code so I once again can let members upload attachments.

RE: [Focus Responsive] Attachment Buttons are missing - artbytes - 02-22-2024

I have been using the Focus Theme for a long time. I recently updated my MyBB version. However, the Attachment section that was under the section where we post new threads or replies is gone. I have the title bar, I don't have the dashed rectangle that says, " Click or drop some files here to upload." I do have the "Attachments" title bar that goes above that and the note that says how many attachments I'm allowed.

Note: I did check in the settings for the Administrators and the Registered members. They are all allowed to upload attachments and don't have any limit.

Can someone please help.

Thank you.

Added Note: It appears that I might need updated templates for the theme now that I have updated the MyBB forum to version: 1.8.37. Have you updated the templates? How would I get them and install them?