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How to add a required registration field in MyBB

Every forum is unique and so is their registration page. Some forums require About me section for users and some require country. There can be many such examples of required fields.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add a required registration field in MyBB.

This tutorial is simple and is easy to follow. Follow these steps to add registration field in MyBB;

Custom Profile Fields
  1. Go to Your Admin CP > Configuration > Custom Profile Field (From left hand side). You will see a page like this
  2. Click on Add new profile Field button on this page.
  3. Now you will be required to fill lot of options regarding the custom field that you are adding. Below is the screenshot of that page4.

The name of the field, which will be displayed to users when they edit this field.
Short Description
A concise description of the field.
Field Type
The type of field that will be displayed to users. These include textbox (short text), textarea (longtext), select box (multiple choices), multiple option select box (select more than one option), radio buttons (select a single option), and check-boxes (yes or no).
Maximum Length
The maximum length of the text that can be entered if the field is a textbox or a textarea.
Display Order
Relative order of custom profile fields.
Should this field be required on registration and when editing the user’s profile?
Editable by User
Should this field be editable by the user? If not, only moderators and administrators can edit it.
Hidden on Profile
Should it be hidden from the profile? If yes, only the user himself, administrators, and
moderators will be able to see the field

Save it and you will see the profile field on registration page. Make sure you have set this profile field as Required

Showing the field on profile
In order to add Custom profile Field to show on Postbit, Go to: Admin Control Panel > Templates > Your theme’s templates > Postbit Templates > postbit_author_user > and add the following code where you want Custom Profile Field to appear;

Custom Profile Field: {$post[‘fidX’]}.

Hope this tutorial helps you add reqired registration field in MyBB.

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