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MyBB Forum Backup And Restore – Complete Tutorial

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MyBB forum are like normal websites which need backup on a regular basis. There are many cases when your MyBB forum may get down because of various reasons like hosting downtime, host closed the site, your site hacked or many other cases where you don’t have any option and you may lose your site completely. So if you have a backup than you need to just restore your site and your site is running as it was. I will be sharing two methods on how you can backup your site completely.

First Method-

First method is very simple, you need to go to Admin Control Panel, then follow these (refer the image to know more)


Tools & Maintenance -> Database Backups -> New Backup -> click Select All (full backup) or select multiple tables by pressing CTRL -> choose the preferred format (depends on what you want to do with the backup), if you’re not sure you can do 1st gzip, then plain text -> choose either Download (it will save to your computer) or Backup Directory (will save on server) -> choose Structure and Data for full backup -> leave the “Analyze and Optimize Selected Tables” as yes -> Perform Backup

Options That are available are Database tables , File Type , Save Method , Backup Contents and Analyze and Optimize Selected Tables. Before pressing Perform Backup it is recommended to select Analyze and Optimize selected table so that to reduce database size. You can also change file type from sql to txt by selecting plain text. This is the easy way of making backup.

Second Method

Second method is for cpanel users. In this you just need to use the backup Wizard present in cpanel to backup your complete site. And than install it on the new hosting you want.

Refer this link to know more about complete backup


Now how you will restore your MyBB backup that you made

First of all you need to upload the files of your forum to you new hosting and then install it. After completing the installation go to phpmy admin and import the old database.

These are the exact steps from MyBB mods that you need to follow to restore the database

  1. To restore a database, you click the SQL tab (on newer versions of phpMyAdmin there is an “Import” tab).
  2. On the “SQL”-page , unclick the show query here again.
  3. Browse to your backup of the database.
  4. Click “Go”.
  1. Log into your SSH/Telnet account.
  2. Have your .SQL dump/backup ready, extracted from the .gz backup that you made via the Admin CP or from phpMyAdmin.
  3. You may have to drop all tables from the MyBB database first, because the Admin CP backup SQL doesn’t include DROP TABLE statements. You can do that with the following command line. Type your MyBB database password when prompted.user=YOUR_MYBB_DB_USER; db=YOUR_MYBB_DBNAME; mysql -u $user -p -BNe "show tables" $db | tr '\n' ',' | sed -e 's/,$//' | awk '{print "SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0;DROP TABLE IF EXISTS " $1 ";SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 1;"}' | mysql -u $user -p $db.

Or you can even ask your new host to do it for you as most of the hosting provider do this free of cost.

This is how you can make complete backup of your MyBB Forum and Restore it Later