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How to add moderator tools in MyBB

How To Choose MyBB Themes

Moderation often requires a calm and composed thinking before taking action.
Administrators should always give the moderation power to user after thinking carefully. For this particular purpose, MyBB has special moderator tools that allow users to gain special permissions on post and thread. Using those tools, users can become trial moderators and can prove themselves before taking any action. Continue reading How to add moderator tools in MyBB

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Adding TinyMCE Editor in MyBB

A good Editor is very important for forum based project because they are based on content creation. Current editor in MyBB is not so seamless and lot of people don’t like that editor which might be because of WYSWYG issues and it doesn’t give modern feeling. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can easily add TinyMCE editor in MyBB which is much better and also looks good on websites.
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5 Essential Web Hosting Specs for a Forum Website


Whether you’re a business looking to attract more visitors to your website by generating fresh, search engine friendly content through a forum, or are a seasonal blogger trying to make waves, something you may not initially have considered is what essential specs your web hosting provider should have.
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How to reset admin password in MyBB

This tutorial will tell you about how to reset admin password in MyBB if you lost access to your email or are not able to receive password recovery email or when you forgot password(which is quite possible). We will use phpMyAdmin to reset your admin password to anything you like. I hope you know how to access phpMyAdmin in your cpanel or any other hosting panel you use. This is to access SQL database where we can run our SQL query.

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How to create child theme in MyBB

This tutorial is on how to create child theme in MyBB. If you are a wordpress user, you probably know that in wordpress you are recommended to modify child theme and not the original theme. Similarly in MyBB also, I recommend to modify child theme. A child theme is simply a theme that inherits the functionality and looks of another theme – the parent. The whole idea of a child theme is that you can modify, and add to the functionality of that parent theme without modifying it directly. The parent remains intact, everything is built within the child theme.
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MyBB moving towards a new dimension

MyBB 2.0

MyBB being one of the most preferred free forum software is now moving towards a new dimension. The forum software is always getting regular updates to keep it free from any vulnerabilities and bugs but it has been waiting for changes in design of the main website and the forum software itself. MyBB 2.0 brings a new perspective to the forum software and there has been lot of discussions about the MyBB 2.0 itself. Currently MyBB 1.8.x series is quite stable and Eric posted about the latest updates that will be coming in no time. In this post, I will highlight the most important features that matters the most for you if you are a MyBB forum admin.

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Changing colors of MyBB theme

mybb theme colors

Hello all, I am back with another tutorial. This one is pretty basic and I feel every forum admin who downloads a theme and want to customize their forum has a basic requirements of changing theme color and this is a must to have a unique look of a forum. First and foremost, your theme should support multiple colors like in MyBB Default theme and Focus Responsive Theme. I will explain changing colors in theme easily using three step procedure.
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Adding social share buttons in MyBB

Social sharing can increase overall traffic for your forums and in MyBB forums, there is no default option of adding share buttons. I wrote this tutorial about social share buttons in MyBB to help everyone add share buttons easily and gain traffic without use of custom plugins. I am using showthread page as an example, however you can add social buttons to any page using below tutorial.
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