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Important SEO tips for MyBB forums

One of the main reasons MyBB forums are easy to use is the ability to make any number of changes easily without any complex modifications. By default, MyBB comes with powerful features but there are still few things related to SEO that can boost your forums and can help you gain Organic traffic from Search Engines. In the past, I wrote about Top Practices that can help gain huge traffic for your forums, in this tutorial I will share some simple yet important SEO tips to boost search engine visibility of your MyBB forums.

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Process of writing MyBB Plugins: Part 1


You have installed the latest MyBB and got your favorite theme and plugins from MyBB Extend. Now you want to enhance your forums with custom features and you don’t find such features on MyBB Extend. Luckily you have PHP knowledge and a bit of SQL related experience and you want to get your hands dirty in writing a plugin. If you don’t have experience related to PHP and SQL, you may want to check MyBB community forums for plugin requirements. This article is for you to learn, debug and create features by writing MyBB Plugins for your forums.

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Adding TinyMCE Editor in MyBB

A good Editor is very important for forum based project because they are based on content creation. Current editor in MyBB is not so seamless and lot of people don’t like that editor which might be because of WYSWYG issues and it doesn’t give modern feeling. In this tutorial, I will tell you how you can easily add TinyMCE editor in MyBB which is much better and also looks good on websites.
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5 Essential Web Hosting Specs for a Forum Website


Whether you’re a business looking to attract more visitors to your website by generating fresh, search engine friendly content through a forum, or are a seasonal blogger trying to make waves, something you may not initially have considered is what essential specs your web hosting provider should have.
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