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[GoDark] quickreply thread refresh
This is repeatable. Clean install 1.8.21 with default theme and GoDark. Only alteration for GoDark footer was to add {$themeselect} in the same place it is in Default footer. Same credentials as previously supplied with full admin rights. Forum is Login anyway and ignore the "board is closed" banner.

Default quickreply behaves as one would expect. Posts are appended and displayed normally at the end of the thread.

GoDark quickreply does not work as well.

See the post content for what I did in each one.

Using Firefox 70.0 and Chromium 77.0

GoDark action and results

Default action and results

I used the LiteArchive to show the posts in compressed style.

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RE: [GoDark] quickreply thread refresh - by larry.dozier - 11-04-2019, 11:33 PM

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