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[GoDark] Active Users Status Issue
(03-22-2021, 11:02 AM)mzm Wrote: I found that it is permission issue and now fixed.

For FA5, besides adding FA5 in header, I also have to change every single icon that use inside the theme, right?
I think a lot FA4 icons using and not easy to change one by one and there might me icon issue if I missed a icon.
Any other way or only the way is to change every single icon?

Another thing, I am using MySubscriptions plugin but there is an issue on mobile view.
It is not responsive or not resizable in mobile view.
It can be fixed inside the theme or I have to ask the plugin developer about that issue?
If it is can be fixed inside theme, can you please advise me which one need to be edited?
Or just need to as the plugin developer?

Thank you

Hey mzm,

For changing multiple icons, I will suggest you to use Search and Replace Feature of templates as that will allow you to easily replace all fa code.
For the plugin to be responsive, you will need to modify the templates and they would be available inside Global Templates with MySubscriptions name.

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