Dual login & register with mobile vertical
Dual login & register buttons really close each other when browsing as a guest and mobile device is in vertical layout. Is this something that could be fixed?

1. Your browser = Chrome
2. Device = Tested Samsung Galaxy S5, OnePlus 6 and Motorola Moto G (5S) Plus (Any mobile device vertical postion?)
3. Where you are getting the issue = Any page with Focus theme. https://wallbb.co.uk/forums/focus-respon...ybb-theme/

As the design aspects, I designed it like this but you can add more space easily. To do this, open header_welcomeblock_guest and add code between the buttons. It will add more space Smile
For the second buttons, add code
I was thinking about possibility to hide other buttons at this situation. Is it possible?
Yes possible, you can wrap any code inside the below div and replace the code you want to hide on mobile with YOUR CODE
<div class="mobile_hide">

WallBB themes come with option to show or hide on mobile so that you can customize to your liking Smile

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