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Focus Theme -  Adding custom color scheme in Focus MyBB Theme
This tutorial will allow you to change color scheme in Focus MyBB Theme.

Focus theme by default has 4 color schemes, adding a custom scheme is quite easy since it is a very modular theme.

These steps will allow you to change color scheme :-
1. Go to Admin CP > Template & Styles > FocusResponsive >
2. Select Yellow as default theme color
3. Inside the theme, open color_yellow.css in Advanced Edit mode (Make sure to make a backup of color_yellow.css)
4. Find and Replace CCBC45 with YOURCOLOR code


Hope this tutorial helps you add custom color in Focus MyBB theme.
This tutorial is added in support of this thread

I know this may be easy to do, i still have not figured out how to change between the 4 default responsive focus theme colors. thanks. any help would be golden!


Hey Steve,
Follow the above steps exactly to change to a different color scheme.

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