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[Focus Responsive] Forum wrapper width
Hello again,

This is more of a general question than a problem: How can I reduce the width of the complete forum wrapper for larger screens only? Say keep it full-width for screen widths under 1000px, but leave some space right and left for larger sizes? Which CSS values would I have to fiddle with so I don't destroy the complete responsive capabilities of the theme?

Thank you in advance. Smile

Hey KF,
There is a wrapper class in the css3.css, you can fiddle with that class
.wrapper {
    font-family: tahoma,sans-serif,arial;
    width: 90%;
    margin: auto auto;

Awesome, thank you so much.

I tried it at 70%, but at some point this happens:
I know the theme is optimized for the 90% you set, but is there a way it'll work anyway?

Thank you in advance. Smile

Yes it can be, can you tell me your preference for what you would like to do with sidebar on tablet and mobile devices.

Ideally Focus is coded in a way that the sidebar stacks at the bottom of the forums, I can write a code (for 70%) so that it can stack at bottom for both tablet and mobile widths with your requirement.

Other option is to just hide sidebar for smaller screens but I don't see a lot of benefit of doing that.

Let me know, I will write code for that Smile
Stacking the sidebar boxes at the bottom of the forum would be perfect, thank you. Smile Smile Smile

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