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GODARK - How to change the forum width globally ?
I already know from the Support how to remove the right sideblocks from the theme:

in css3.css alter the original piece, i think from line 65... to this
Quote:.forums {

float: left;
margin-right: 10%;
margin-left: 10%;
width: 80%;

and remove the template stuff from line 17 I think it was (in index template). I should have posted this before doing it yesterday, now I dont have a copy of the original text I removed. Maybe the Admin could be so kind and add this for me in my post. Wink

Anyways, now I can view the theme more less centered on the Forum index, with the amount of pixel left and right that I can specify in the above .css code.

But as soon as I go into a forum section, its full width again. I would like to change that same size 80% Center, 10% left & 10% right, for all the forum sections. How do I do that ? 
I would appreciate all help that I can get.

Oh, and I am using the Google Chrome (latest Version) browser, running this on my PC.
Hey Wolfeye,
If you wish to change the width globally, you need to add width constraint in #content. Append this code in #content global.css

#content {
margin-right: 10%;
margin-left: 10%;


Make sure to remove the addition in .forums class Smile

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