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[Focus Responsive] Appearance of embedded YT videos
(10-22-2019, 01:35 AM)larry.dozier Wrote: To be responsive for different display widths, the template specifies a variable width and a fixed pixel height. Youtube maintains proportional display based on the original video uploaded and uses black bars as appropriate to fill the rest of the frame.

In troubleshooting something else, I ran across some coding on Vimeo embedded player that purported to be responsive, but I didn't look to see if the height attribute was variable as well.

Understood. I've seen at least one mybb forum with embedded YT videos that look great on both desktop and mobile. The forum in question is running a responsive theme.  So it is possible.

Wallbb - I can PM you the link to the forum - I don't think I am allowed to post links yet.  I'd like it to look like that - is it possible? It looks so much better than what I currently have.    

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