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1.8.22 - big troubles with focus theme (new registration)

since 1.8.22 no user can register anymore on my forum. Some guys told me that the theme may be the reason?

to be honest: I got no idea ... member.php got a 500 errror now

Im fine till https://www.checkpoint-wt.de/forum/membe...n=register ... then I got the error ... any tips? Sad
Hey Franz,

Do not worry, MyBB release 1.8.22 theme update on 30 December 2019. For next time, I will suggest you to wait for theme updates before upgrading MyBB. We take a 1 week time to see if the MyBB update isn't breaking the existing forums hence it is recommended to at least wait a week before upgrading.

We are planning to release the theme updates for MyBB 1.8.22 by Monday.

All our themes are updated till 1.8.21

500 error might be because of permission, javascript or file changes. I will check Focus theme on priority.

When will you be releasing a new version the Focus theme which works with 1.8.22 ? At the moment I can't use my forums at all ...
All Themes are updated, download them from your account


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