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Need to download the previous version of orange
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I have not made any edits , no plugin no modificiations whats so ever , and all of a sudden a problem has started since last 3 days 
Its basically a mobile device problem only 
When some body is clicking on the forums name the page freezes there and do not open that forum for you .. 
If one will long press over the forum name obviously it will give you an option of that url and it will open for you in that way , but it actually not works for every one ...
I have 3 themes installed on the board
Rest of the 2 themes are working absolutely fine 
and mind you i have not yet updated to 1.8.22 , since time and plugin update issues , as paid members can get effected on my board 

So can i have the orange theme zip file for 1.8.21 so that i can fresh install it and see if that works and find out what might have gone wrong 

Also to let you know your download module is not working .. i have actually logged in after a year , and now when i am trying to reset my password , it identifies me send me a verification email as well , but that password reset email never comes , i have been trying to do this since last 6 hours but its not workibg 
for now my primary goal is to have the 1.8.21 version of the theme 

The reason you are getting error is because MyBB 1.8.22 theme will not be compatible with 1.8.21.
I will check if I have the backup of previous theme.
Do you have the backup of the theme ? We recommend making backup of the theme and website before updating theme.

I have not yet upgraded
i am still on my bb version 1.8.21 as i mentioned in the first line
no edits no modifications no change
Also the password reset option , never send you a lost passowrd email for the download module
for the forum the password reset emails works
but not for the download section of your website
Sent you a new password via email discussion we had Smile

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