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GoDark Theme in Mobile Screen Threads are going outside the screen
Hey wallbb sir, i have a problem with the theme. in android i tried to see some threads and some threads were out of screen while some of them were perfectly fine. 

some images: 
[Image: image.png][Image: image.png]
Here. the first image is perfectly fine but the second one is outside the screen as you can see. faster reply will be appreciated sir
Can you share me URL of this page via PM?
I will help you fix this ASAP.
Check PM
(12-21-2020, 03:57 AM)ashwinnair302 Wrote: Check PM

Thanks, I would need the URL of the page that is having the issue.
Also please temporary disable the plugin which requires user login so that I can see the link on the issue page
Done. Check Pm Sir
still having the same error for some people
[Image: image.png]

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