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[Focus Responsive] Change on Index distance of Postinfos

i add some feature and now the text is over the right line in index-site in the post-info.
Now i want know where i can set the info more left so it is not out of the area.
MyBB Board 1.8.26

[Image: board.png]

Greeting and thanks

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i fixed it in the file: "forumbit_depth2_forum"

changed to:

<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" width="8%"><div class="forum_status forum_{$lightbulb['folder']} ajax_mark_read" title="{$lightbulb['altonoff']}" id="mark_read_{$forum['fid']}"><i class="fas fa-star"></i></div></td>
<td class="{$bgcolor}"  width="60%">
<a href="{$forum_url}">{$forum['icon']}{$forum['name']}</a>{$forum_viewers_text}<div class="smalltext">{$forum['description']}{$modlist}{$subforums}</div>
<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" style="white-space: nowrap"  width="15%">{$posts}{$unapproved['unapproved_posts']}  <span class="smalltext">Beiträge</span> <br />  {$threads}{$unapproved['unapproved_threads']}  <span class="smalltext">Antworten</span> </td>
<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="right" style="white-space: nowrap"  width="30%">{$lastpost}</td>

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