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[Focus Responsive] Appearance of embedded YT videos
[attachment=62 Wrote:stevejabba pid='884' dateline='1571500318']Hi,

Just activated the theme yesterday - I really like it.

I've tried embedding YT videos using the built in "insert a  video" function.

It looks weird though on desktop and mobile.

Desktop - too long and thin

Mobile just covers half the page and looks cramped.

I cannot add the screenshot or a link, - there is a rule that I have not posted enough.

2. I have uploaded this image by uploading the jpg to my site and using the URL.  My users won't have this option and this will be far , far too complicated for them...Is there a recommended way of attaching images? Just listing "URL" will confuse the hell out of them.

Thanks a lot

I think this has worked - I have attached example images to show you what I mean.

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